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When Jean came for her first weight-loss session, we talked at length about her eating habits. We talked about how she ate, what she ate and when she ate. Bread’s and pasta’s were Jeans biggest concern. When I asked her about exercise, she explained to me that although she wants to exercise, she just doesn’t have the time to do it. Dan’s appointment was later that day. He was also a self-proclaimed carb addict and believed that avoiding them was the ticket to losing weight. Dan didn’t have time to exercise either. He didn’t “have time” to eat breakfast. He didn’t have time to prepare lunch. He didn’t have time for anything. Now, both Jean and Dan did have the time to watch 20 hours of television per week, on average. Hmm, I wondered. Were carbohydrates really the problem here or were there minds just loaded with excuses?

Just about every person I see for weight-loss is on the low carb bandwagon. They are convinced that carbohydrates are the cause to their weight problem. But when I bring-up the evil “exercise” word the antennas go up and the excuses start coming. This frenzy over carbohydrates has gotten so out of hand that it has me deeply concerned because I know that a low carb diet is not the “life long” answer to easy weight loss. And it’s certainly not the answer to healthy weight loss.

Then what is the answer to healthy weight loss and keeping it off? Well, you already know it, we all do–EATING LESS AND EXERCISING MORE. Say it with me now…….EATING LESS AND EXERCISING MORE. It’s not rocket science folks but there’s a stubborn part of us, a lazy part, that doesn’t want to accept this. Our mind is in denial mode because we keep waiting for that quick fix, that miracle weight-loss solution. But I’ve got news for you. There is no miracle solution to weight loss; there never has been and there never will be. The real issue is this: we need to break-down our denials and start taking control of our eating and exercise habits? And there’s only one way to do that and it is the only source to natural weight loss. We need to learn how to use our mental resources.

You discover healthy weight loss by using the most overlooked weight-loss weapon of all–the mind. Taking control of your mind means taking control of your eating and exercise habits. When re-programming your mind for weight loss, the first thing you will rekindle is your motivation. We’ve all experienced motivation before. It’s a mysterious sort of thing, like a phantom that comes and goes without warning. Whenever we experience high levels of motivation it seems that nothing can get in our way–and it can’t. Not even food cravings or that early morning “get up and exercise” alarm. But, motivation always seems to slip-away, and for good reasons. But when you learn how to re-program your mind, motivation stays put and doesn’t disappear.

Think for a moment why motivation comes and goes. First of all, everything in this generation is about convenience and simplicity. With the click a button we can get what we want when we want it, and our minds get used to this. We then naturally take the path of least resistance in whatever it is we’re doing. Let’s face it, all of these low-carb diets have everything to do with convenience and simplicity. Eating eggs and bacon while avoiding bread sounds a heck of lot easierr than climbing out of a warm, cozy bed at 6:00 A.M and going for a 30-minute jog.

So how do we flip the switch so that eating less and exercising more becomes desirable? How do we develop these natural weight loss strategies? Both Jean and Dan did, as have countless other clients of mine. The only way to do this, of triggering motivation and self-control, is with the mind–the subconscious mind that is. Here are some brief power programming exercises you can begin doing right away.

1. Find a comfortable quiet place to lie down where there are no distractions. Close your eyes and begin taking several deep breaths. As you breathe, scan your body from head to toe and imagine relaxing every body part. It should take you about ten minutes and after you reach your toes, begin counting from 10 to 1 and imagine drifting more deeply with each count. When you have finished counting, your mind will be in a much more relaxed trance-like state. This means that your subconscious is awake and alert. This is important because the subconscious is uncritical and open to fresh ideas, which is how we create change.

2. At this point you can start using the power of imagery. Begin by imagining yourself doing a physical exercise you feel comfortable with (running, biking, walking). Make your image as vivid as possible; this makes it more real to your subconscious. Imagine yourself with a smile on your face feeling wonderful, completely motivated and in control. You can use any images you want. Make sure you feel that motivational feeling as you do your imagery.

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